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Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is Davisburg UMC's newest ministry opportunity for you!

The "First Lady" of Davisburg UMC, Nanette, loves to walk and is inviting you to join with her on her journey to never stop moving.

Along the trials of the  Shiawassee Basin Preserve, you will find yourself enjoying God's creation, fellowship and fun as you walk the paths of your journey.

It's an easy  0.9-mile loop foot path through the woods and meadows of Springfield Township with a small lake to just add to the views.

Stepping Stones gathers Mon thru Friday in the parking lot of the Springfield Township Offices 12000 Davisburg Rd, Davisburg, MI 48350 @ 7:00pm (weather permitting)
During times of inclement weather, walks will be moved inside to the Davisburg UMC Wesley Hall Gym to keep you safe and dry. 

Walking is a great way to meet new people and keep in shape.
Bring your walking shoes, pedometer, friends and family for an enjoyable walk together.

Temporarily "Benched"

due to construction in the building


All men over the age of 15 are welcome to join us for basketball Thursday evenings from 6:45 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Gospel Center gym.  

No prior registration is required.

When participation exceeds a 5 person team structure, DUMC utilizes a rotation system to allow all that attend to participate.

Adult Choir

To sing in the Adult Choir meet with us in the Choir Room Thursday Evenings @ 7:00

(Upstairs of the Church)


All music is provided

All are invited and you can join in anytime!  

Visitor?  No worries, there's a place for you also!

Praise Team

To join in the Praise Team meet with us in the Sanctuary Sunday Mornings @ 9:00

(Upstairs of the Church)


All music is provided

All are invited and you can join in anytime!  

If you play an instrument or sing your talents are welcome!

Mountain Band

(May - November)

Share your talent in the Mountain Band Monday's  

at 4:30 p.m. in the Asbury Room of the Gospel Center. 

This group plays Appalachian Smokey Mountain Gospel Music, featuring non-electrical, stringed instruments, such as mandolins, fiddles, guitars, banjos, mountain or hammered dulcimer, or the Auto-harp, spoons, washboards, harmonicas and gut-buckets (a modified bass instrument).  

Bring your instruments and any music that you would like to share.  

For more information, please contact Bill or Jane Schaefer a