Davisburg United  Methodist Church

Rekindle the Flame


September 15, 2018 

The date has been set, the bands are in place and the prayers that began last year continue to prepare our hearts (and ears) to receive whatever it is that God has planned for us in 2018.

Building on the momentum created in 2017, Davisburg UMC in conjunction with Mt Bethel UMC have joined forces once again to bring this exciting event to the Gospel Center of Davisburg UMC again this year.

Beginning 4 years ago with an idea to bring folks together in worship with music and ministry opportunities continued when not 3, not 4, not 5 but 6 bands will once again join their gifts and graces together to unleash the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ on all that joined together in Wesley Hall.

From the youngest to the wisest with age; hands will raised, feet will not only be tapping but dancing and the air will be filled with amazing and joyful music and voices all pointing one direction...to the Lord.

A separate men's and women's mini-seminar will be taking place in the morning/afternoon of the 15th with a time of worship before we gather together for a meal during a break from the sessions.

Once the mini-seminars are complete the lights will be dimmed the lights will come up and music will fill the air as band after band will share the gift of their music along with their personal testimonies with all in attendance.

During the intermissions between worship artists, selected ministries will share with you opportunities to reach out to those in need around us.

"Hannah's Care Packages" is not only a sponsor of the event but will also be the recipient of all proceeds of this amazing annual worship/ministry event that began as an idea was prayed into action and grows because of your faith in what we do.


Raise Your Hands I

Raise Your Hands II