Davisburg United  Methodist Church

Rekindle the Flame


September 16th proved that when you are prepared for God to show up that you will find Him waiting for you to arrive.

Beginning 3 years ago with an idea to bring folks together in worship with music and ministry opportunities continued when not 3, not 4 but 6 bands joined their gifts and graces together to unleash the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ on all that joined together in Wesley Hall.

From the youngest to the wisest with age; hands were raised, feet were not only tapping but dancing and the air was filled with amazing and joyful music and voices all pointing one direction...to the Lord.

After three days of sound set-up, all looked good coming off of “sound-check” on Friday evening.  When all was said and done and everyone had gone home for the evening to prepare for the event, one final run through with no draw on the system began.  This was to make certain all was still operating correctly after all the changes made during the check.

What revealed itself was a simple little issue that basically had we not checked, would have shut down the show.  Our sound board that had been chosen to accommodate the bands had stopped functioning correctly to the point of becoming unusable.  Instead of panicking, Pastor Eric calmly disconnected the failed system and peacefully walked over to the Sanctuary and retrieved our new board and worked through the night to ensure that the sound was working properly.

Randy & Marli were the first to arrive and set up for the day and like the professionals they are made it look easy.  Then they, their son KC and the “brothers”; 2 young men they brought with them to assist, got to work making certain that everyone else had what they needed and prayed it all up.

Marli set up for her time with the ladies and a new teaching seminar “Women Warriors” and assisted by her sister not only shared in the revelation of this new information but encouraged and lifted all those in attendance.  “I’m scared (in a good way) at what’s about to happen…” Pastor Eric said after each of the 2 sessions referring to the energy and conversations of the ladies as they came out of their time with Marli.

Lunch was provided by DUMC and the United Methodist Men prepared and served all those that joined around the tables during the “Women Warriors” break before worship.  Enough soup to feed an army and sandwiches to your liking were enjoyed by all and any leftovers found a place in the homes of those less fortunate, feeding 2 families, and in our freezer awaiting God’s direction.

Throughout the morning Benny, our Wednesday Worship Leader and member of two of the bands assisted in directing band members on where to set up and where to store their gear until their scheduled time.

Pastor Eric opened the event with a time of prayer and explanation on what “Raise Your Hands” is all about.  Sharing personal experiences in hurricane disaster response along with introducing RTL and Hannah’s Care Packages to the crowd.

“Vision”, from Grace And Peace UMC, Pontiac, kicked us off with a mix of 50’s & 60’s favorites Christianized with new lyrics followed by Randy & Marli who raised the energy level with Christian Duets and piano music that got us all moving.

By the time Brigitte Donoho took the stage, Vision and Randy & Marli had us ready to worship and Brigitte ramped it up.  Sharing with us incredible originals including Blood Stained Tears a favorite of many, and preparing our hearts to receive the continuing message of mission from Pastor Eric.

The Raise Your Hands Crew provided a pizza dinner for all that had joined with us during a brief intermission where new and old friends connected and fellowship was shared over the meal.

When Krymsyn Grayce began to assemble for their set, all eyes were on the lead singer Benny who had been in full costume since the 2:30 meet & Greet (full leather, including a mask and make-up).  A mix of alternative and punk music, Gracye had everyone up to speed when Amazing grace flew out of the sound system.  Marli Brown shared on Sunday during worship that she thought hers and Randy’s version of Amazing Grace was “cutting edge but realized their version was square…” after listening to Grayce’s rendition.

With the energy level increasing Redemption Road “Southern Rocked” their way into our hearts.  After Jays “Yukon Sandwich” on the way to the show (everyone was okay) the deep guitar riffs and drums filled Wesley Hall.  Playing originals and covers, a good mix of the secular combined with the Christian to center us even more.

Drum kit after drum kit (there were 3) were broken down and set up and the last was the largest of the night.  Dave from Harken asked earlier if he could use his own drums and when questioned about the reason, his response was simple; “I don’t want to be responsible for someone else's kit when I start hitting them, I play hard!”

With that in mind, we were all waiting to see what was about to occur and when it began we were not let down.  In typical Raise Your Hands Fashion, Harken began BIG and went Bigger with each song of their set.  Blowing the roof off the Gospel Center in a way that may take years to recover from.  Bringing Christian music heard at Davisburg to a level that has never been played here before.

The music was BIG...The Lyrics were BIGGER...crowd participation EXPLODED...and our Dose Of The Ghost shot us through the rafters!

Raise Your Hands takes no credit for the amazing work of the Holy Spirt this day.  Takes no credit for what happens when two or more gather in the name of Jesus;  but does know what happens when God shows up...AMAZING THINGS!

With the lights now off and the music just lasting vibrations in the walls, Pastor Eric was found wandering Wesley Hall just trying to take it all in.  Praising God for all that transpired and asking God to keep the momentum in the hearts of those in attendance moving in such a way that every moment of every day their hands are raised to Him.

Raise Your Hands I

Raise Your Hands II