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Davisburg Staff

Dr. Thomas Hartley


Administrative Assistant
Sharon Verduce

Sharon has been faithfully serving Davisburg United Methodist Church for many years and alongside Pastor Eric, works hard to make certain all the information that moves through the church gets to where it needs to be.

Sharon loves spending time with her family, so don't be surprised if you get to meet her grandchildren when you visit.  They're as awesome as she is.
With a heart for details, Sharon thinks ahead of the plan, continuously looking for ways to improve every aspect of the Administrative Offices.


Finance Chair
Not only the Finance Chair, but also a member of the Praise Team, Adult Choir and Our Lay Leader, Janet provides strong and stable leadership by "keeping track of all the parts and doing one thing at a time."


Head Trustee
New to the position, Pat joins a solid team of folks that love to make sure things are in order.  An avid photographer, Pat's images can be seen throughout our announcements and Pastor Eric's projects.


With a heart for God and the Love of the Lord in his heart in all he does,  the job gets done and the facilities are always ready to go.  A part of our heritage can be found in Waylon's service and care of the church.


Hymnals, special selections or originals, Cheryl's fingers "tickle the ivory" every Sunday and on special occasions here at DUMC.  With a heart driven by the Holy Spirit, Cheryl leads us in worship.


Choir Director
Lifting not only hers but the voices of the choir, Jackie leads all who have answered the call to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord!"  With many years of experience, Jackie's talent are treasured here at DUMC
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